Custom Residential Roofing in Central Texas

Austin Roofing And Siding, Inc. works with the most preferred and sought-after builders and architects to provide custom residential roofing in Central Texas. We work on some of the most exclusive and truly exceptional homes in Austin and beyond. Our decades of experience and reputation for craftsmanship and quality work, using only the finest materials and suppliers, make us the perfect choice for even the most demanding designs.


For over two decades, our clients continue to call on us for their custom and unique projects in some of Austin’s most desired locations and neighborhoods. We understand the high standards required by discriminating homeowners, and we consistently impress. Our team takes this responsibility seriously because we know you do.

Residential Roofing at Its Finest

Austin Roofing And Siding, Inc. is committed to delivering the finest materials and craftsmanship to guarantee that all our roofs add long-lasting value and performance to your custom residential properties and projects.  

Our Residential Roofing Products

We specialize in distinctive products and can help find the right style, color, and materials for almost any design requirement from our extensive list of preferred vendors and suppliers. From tiles to slates and shakes or any number of specialty metals and coatings, our craftsmen bring the experience and uncompromising attention to detail that homes of distinction deserve and builders have grown to respect. 



Metal roofing systems offer durability, design  flexibility, and low life cycle costs. 



Strip and dimensional asphalt shingles have multiple styles, shapes, and color options. 



Slate roofing is naturally durable, and it is available in a variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses, and finishes. 



Clay, concrete, and 

synthetic tile systems in southwestern and modern designs are known for low maintenance and exceptionally long life. 

Wood Shake

Wood Shake

Wood shake shingles in cedar, redwood, or cypress are best for a natural, value-enhancing roofing option. 

Experienced and Committed

Roofing Central Texas’ primer properties require craftsmanship, experience, and commitment to excellence. Our client list of exceptional builders, architects, and homeowners speaks volumes about the reputation we’ve built over the past two decades and the dedication we bring to every project. We take pride in our craft by exceeding expectations to professionally manage and complete each project. We’re committed to you and our future together. 

Warranted and Insured

All Austin Roofing And Siding, Inc. work is fully warranted, bonded, and insured. We know it is important for our clients to provide only the best skilled, most knowledgeable craftsmen and materials to their customers projects, and we take our commitment seriously. We carry full coverage to ensure that our clients are secure, knowing that all are protected, and the project will be expertly completed. 

Our Complete Roofing Solutions

Austin Roofing And Siding, Inc. understands that your project is unique and often requires custom elements –we have that covered, too. We have a full, custom architectural flashing and fabrication facility in-house. Our company offers a complete line of custom architectural touches, from functional to extravagant, in a wide array of materials and finishes to complete the most demanding requirements. Please visit Architectural Flashing Supply for more details. 


➣ Architectural Roof Flashing 

➣ Coping/Cleats 

➣ Custom Fabrications 

➣ Fascia 

➣ Scuppers 

➣ Siding/Walls 

➣ Windows/Doors Flashing 


➣ Aluminum 

➣ Copper 

➣ Galvanized 

➣ Kynar 

➣ Stainless Steel 

➣ Vintage 

➣ Zinc 

Our Exceptional Suppliers and Product Warranty Providers

  • Quality Assured 
  •  Certified, Bonded, and Insured 
Drexel Metal
James Hardie
McElroy Metal
Monier Group
Certain Teed
Revere Ware
Sheffield Metal
Sika Sarnafil